I recently discovered Otter.ai and am fascinated by it. It is such a powerful tool that makes my life so much better. Read, and listen to, the Otter recording and transcript below.

PS: I didn’t change a single word in the transcription.

Otter is absolutely amazing, just listen to the audio file and read through the text below.

Otter AI transcription of my recording

Hey guys, I absolutely love otter AI, it’s one of the tools that I’ve just recently found out about, and it solves so many problems for me that I don’t even know where to start. First of all, I write quite a…

It is the least visual and interactive social media platform. It is the slowest to adopt new technologies and features. The engagement rates are some of the worst per post of any social media player out there. Still millions of users flock to Twitter every day for the latest news and updates.

The community might be more vibrant than ever, possibly due to the covid-19 pandemic. In fact, Twitter even managed to turn a profit in the last quarter. So why would the “social news site” seek out new ways to make money off of its users, you might ask…

I have been using Slack for a great number of years. But today I discovered a simple feature, that I would have loved to know more about quite some time ago: Slack Posts.

A Slack Post can be created on any desktop device, using a simple /post command. It creates a document, that lives in Slack, can be shared within a channel and edited by all of those who have access to it.

The beauty of the post feature is that it is seamless and intuitive to use. We use the communication tool for all of our meetings, and to…

Apple is about to drop a number of product updates this upcoming Tuesday. The odds are high that we will see new iPads and potentially a brand new iMac design.

The Cupertino tech giant‘s products are so good that the need for innovation is minimal. Tim Cook and his product development team take their time to „milk the market“ and do not seem eager to change that strategy.

The product line up remains narrow. The only real differentiator between Apple‘s iPhones are the size and color options. …

I have been thinking about going electric for years now. Not merely because I want to contribute to lowering emissions. Electric cars are just very cool, tech and innovative. I am drawn to innovation and love 99% of all things that have a screen.

EVs make the air we breath a lot more enjoyable and give us a glimpse of what the future has in store for us.

Tesla, and Volkswagen’s diesel gate, paved the way. And boy has time flown by lightning fast in the last few years since Tesla revealed its first electric vehicle. …

I recently upgrades my home office setup with a Mac Mini M1 (2021), making it my main driver when I’m at home. After a week of working with it, I have to say that I am mightily impressed by the speed and ease of use.

The price, power, form factor are all important arguments for the Mac Mini. But one of the key reasons I chose to give it a go, was the new M1 chip. …

I really wanted this to work. I wanted to like and love the drafts app.

But after 5 days of agony, I could not bare to spend another second with it. The app is confusing. The user experience is terrible on MacOS. And I just don‘t see how it will make my life any better.

That one click I (would potentially) save when using the app, instead of opening up a new note on the Apple Notes application, is simply not a selling proposition for me. Or, to put it differently, the learning curve on Drafts is too high for…

There are two ways to withdraw your hard earned E$ from your Earth 2 account.

  1. Send a request for a bank transfer
  2. Withdraw to a card (trial period)

I have been trying to test this feature for over six weeks now, but the progress has been slow. The process of bank transfers especially, simply does not work. The first request for a bank transfer from Earth 2 was back in February (12). Two months later, and numerous one-sided emails (from my side), I received an email from customer support that “withdraw to card” has gone into a trial period.


The psychology of colors in logos and other corporate design elements is a science in itself. The brand image is a powerful tool, one that allows a company to put its values and ways of working in the right light.

Just look at the app icons on your phone, which color do most brands use?

When social media platforms came into existence, „all of them“ had blue logos and brand colors, with very few exceptions. Blue is the color of transparency and trust in many cultures. …

It’s all about creators. Instagram by Facebook know that very well. There are only a handful of apps that offer users a wider array of tools to create high quality content. Instagram has become a vibrant platform that inspires, engages and sells. Not just influencers, but businesses of all sizes use the social media platform to reach their target audiences.

And business is all Facebook really cares about.

With its latest app update, content creators are able to create story drafts. Whereas most users have had to save content to their image libraries, first before uploading the “finished” content to…

Remco Livain

Dutch Digital Entrepreneur. Love to share thoughts on innovation and digitalization (ceo @gandt ventures) - writer @thestartup

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