I really wanted this to work. I wanted to like and love the drafts app.

But after 5 days of agony, I could not bare to spend another second with it. The app is confusing. The user experience is terrible on MacOS. And I just don‘t see how it will make my life any better.

That one click I (would potentially) save when using the app, instead of opening up a new note on the Apple Notes application, is simply not a selling proposition for me. Or, to put it differently, the learning curve on Drafts is too high for…

I think it is fascinating that (local) governments try to keep traditional retailer alive, at the expense of online-first stores. This morning I started my day with my daily news round, and could not believe what I read about the UK-goverment’s plans to tax online retailers, additionally for the sole reason that they do not own brick and mortar stores.

Highly doubt that this makes any sense at all and this form of “market protectionism” misses the point of the digital market evolution we are all a part of, entirely.

A group of digital retailer in the UK have created…

The largest social media platform in the world, has decided to block news sites from publishing posts to their user’s walls. The Australian government would like to pass a law, that forces networks (like Facebook) to pay for the distribution of content. Facebook does not agree with this. The social media giant’s main argument is that “they did not upload the content to the platform, themselves.” Other sites, such as Google, index pages without asking for the consent of the news media and are the ones that this law should target, predominantly.

William Easton (Facebook AU CEO) said in a…

There are not many applications out there that solve “real-world” problems. But Krisp is one of those single purpose (desktop) applications that not only solves a problem, it supports a new lifestyle. Krisp allows the user to be wherever they would like to be, in a restaurant enjoying a late lunch, cafe sipping on a fancy oat milk matcha latte, or at home babysitting the kids. Through machine learning the app removes your background noise and that of whoever it is you are talking to.

I have been using Krisp for more than a year now, and it has been…

Trello was one of the first project management tools, that brought the Kaban-method to desktop and mobile users alike. Mostly geared towards smaller teams, it uses an ingenious card system to sort tasks and projects. However, the heat was put on by new productivity tools, like Notion.so, who offer different forms of data visualization, out of the box.

Atlassian has therefore decided to upgrade one of its most beloved products, significantly.

It‘s been three months since the Earth 2 developers brought out their first video. Today, we were treated to a sneak preview of what the Earth 2 terrain might look like. For many users these updates are what keep their faith alive in the longevity of the game. One of the main critiques of the game, so far, has been that whereas the platform vision sounds appealing, the first version is far from visually pleasing.

This video should „set the record straight,“ and convince early investors and believers in the game, that there will be more to come.


Why do we share our thoughts and ideas on social media, really? Isn’t everyone in it for the fame? Shouldn’t we focus our time on nothing but financially interesting platforms? Twitter seem to think so and have started to explore the possibility for creators to receive payments.

In a world where influencers are the marketing stars of the hour, social media platforms try to come up with ways for them to monetize their audiences. The idea is: “if we can make it worthwhile for our creators, they will stick around.” Twitter might not be entirely wrong about that, the influencer…

One app took the world by storm in the last few months, and that was Clubhouse. The live podcast/discussion round app, has inspired millions to share their opinions in a new format.

The idea behind Clubhouse, which is only available for iOS users at the moment, is simple yet effective. A select number of people open the doors to their Clubhouse, and invite others to join the conversation. The talks are broadcasted live on the app. The cool thing is that everyone, who is interested, can listen in — eavesdrop on the conversation so to speak. …

My bullet journal, a daily companion

I picked up my first bullet journal in 2020. I love the simplicity of it and the monthly migration process, that forces me to reevaluate my priorities. We face new opportunities, constantly. It makes life interesting, dynamic and fast. However, for most of the work we do it is not beneficial to jump from one topic to another, if we want to do it right.

I try not to act on immediate impulse, and leave sufficient time to reflect on the tasks and projects that whirl through my mind.

This morning, I looked back at how I have been using…

Earth 2 has entered its first phase titled “buy land”. The concept is simple, “before” the game starts and new phases are rolled out, the virtual second earth is divided up into 10x10 meter tile pieces. All players / investors can purchase tiles. right now. Each tile is assigned a Class from 1 to 4. This class can become very important in the future. On discord and reddit, users have been contemplating what the Class could be used for. Here is what we know so far.

Are you excited to get out there and find some land gems? Maybe purchase…

Remco Livain

Dutch Digital Entrepreneur. Love to share thoughts on innovation and digitalization (ceo @gandt ventures) - writer @thestartup

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