Have social media made it harder for companies to find new employees?

Social media is the best tool to find new employees, right? I held a masterclass on lead generation and employee marketing at an HR-convention, but the response was very different from what I had expected…

Update April 2020: Thank you for the grand response to this article here on Medium.

It’s not easy to find that perfect fit

Finding personell has never been harder

Transparency is generally a good thing and professional social media networks have created just that”

It has become harder to find new employees in the last few years (E&Y Research German market 2014-2017)

How has the job of your HR-team changed?

HR-candidate lead generation funnel just a few years back
Your HR-lead generation funnel today, the role of HR has changed significantly

HR-team focus tasks and focus has changed too

“HR-Teams will need to learn how to use professional networks and communication tools to search for, attract and communicate with potential applicants”

Tip: Have you ever considered scoring your applicants?

“Professional social media networks have changed the game, now it is time that you start to change yours”

“Human Resources is the gateway to your company and it deserves your attention”

Dutch Digital Entrepreneur. Love to share thoughts on innovation and digitalization (ceo @gandt ventures) - writer @thestartup

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