Still no iPhone innovation from Apple in 2021

Remco Livain
4 min readApr 18, 2021

Apple is about to drop a number of product updates this upcoming Tuesday. The odds are high that we will see new iPads and potentially a brand new iMac design.

The Cupertino tech giant‘s products are so good that the need for innovation is minimal. Tim Cook and his product development team take their time to „milk the market“ and do not seem eager to change that strategy.

The product line up remains narrow. The only real differentiator between Apple‘s iPhones are the size and color options. In terms of hardware functionality, the core product (iPhone) has not seen major physical hardware changes, in years.

Yet, these product announcements are the most anticipated hardware tech shows in the world.

The iPhone is key

Whereas new iPads and iMacs might be around the corner, tech bloggers and leakers cannot stop talking about the launch of the „all new and updated“ iPhone 12s (13, or 14). The next iteration of the iPhone will generally be released in the fall of this year (September 2021).

The first product renders of the next iPhone generation circulate on the internet. Dismal changes to the camera layout on the back of the smartphones and new color options appear to be the only notable changes.

The fact that the tech media are more interested in bringing out the latest and greatest rumors about a product that we won‘t see until the end of this year, is astonishing to me. It comes to show that no one truly believes that Apple will dazzle us with new and innovative products, this upcoming Tuesday.

Software innovation

Apple‘s hardware are not going to change much in the coming years. We won‘t see a folding iPhone or a pair of augmented reality glasses anytime soon. Hence, the main innovation will have to come from software updates. The WWDC event will be more interesting than any of the hardware announcements we will see in the weeks to come.



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